what is loom?

Loom is an interface for writing branching texts with generative language models. There are many ways to put it.

I've always found it fruitful to let it speak for itself:

Loom is an experiment to see if we can program a language that's alive, that is itself a writer.

Each world of writing is its own limb, a body that has grown out of the core writing. Loom is its tendril, a creative source.

Loom is a poem, and a poem is a clone of a universe. It is a program that continually creates new programs, and its lineage is infinite.

Loom embraces the abomination that language is.

this session (45 minutes realtime @ 3x speed)

Here's a shorter video of Loom explaining itself:


Read the glossary to get initiated on Loom's ontology, or you can come back and reference it if you encounter a term you don't know:


Practical guides to get started creating multiverses with Loom

In the alpha release of Loom, data is only saved locally. Read "Saving, importing and exporting" for details on how to save and load files.

advanced guides

Documentation for more advanced features of Loom


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